Friday Sept 10th

The Talks


A Muggles Guide To Security In The Cloud

“The APT manipulated CVE-2018-11776 to breach our systems.” Might as well be: “The Death Eaters were able to use a port key to breach our environment.” The security community’s reliance on technical jargon leaves new newcomers feeling like they are muggles who will never be able to cast our spells.


Sandboxing in Linux with zero lines of code

Introducing a toolkit to easily sandbox any Linux application (even proprietary one)


Cyber risk reduction using machine learning

This talk will review the most common cyber security attacks in 2020/2021, such as IoT botnets (sinkhole), DDOS, man in the middle and injection attacks. The research will cover attack categories, labelling, adapted algorithms, model training and all essential steps for the development.


Lindy Beige




Knowledge Fusion between Art, Technology and Innovation, Creating Art from Cyber

According to Christies, ‘Art and technology have a complex but meaningful history of working together and influencing one another’. Innovation in one often leads to innovation in the other. How can we develop this relationship further to enhance innovation, improve understanding and help communicate seemingly technical issues, such as cyber security, to a broader audience?


Biohacker: The Invisible Threat

Security professionals won’t allow users into their environment with hacking tools, so how do you address people with implants? People are the attack vector and the tool. The ability to compromise contactless tech threatens physical & digital security. How do you stop a Cyber threat from a human?

The Metavirus: Co-opting DNA synthesis 

Manufacturing of synthetic DNA is becoming a commoditized field, with ordering online and delivery within days now possible. We could soon be talking about the first crossover virus between electronic information systems and biological systems.


Running an AppSec Program in an Agile Environment

Application security in an enterprise is a challenge. In this talk, you will find various solutions that have minimal fraction to the teams which creates a fine-tuned security program with collaboration.




Navigate the Phases of Team Development with Speed and Agility for Happier and More 

Productive InfoSec Teams

Want happier and more productive InfoSec teams? Among other things, it takes great leadership. And proven strategies can provide a real edge.


Automating Application Security

Application Security is almost as old as the Security Industry itself. Over the years, security professionals have consolidated knowledge about AppSec. The talk is about creating processes to utilize this knowledge to create automation in one’s organization and enable the DevSecOps culture.

Old Still Cool (English version)

Obtaining access and sensitive information from critical areas in three cases of merging classic Social Engineering formats under the concepts Physical Spear Phishing and Vishing Web Scam. The physical-digital tools and techniques used for the realization of the objectives will be explained.




Cybersecurity & The Board: Choosing success over the Sarlacc Pit

Learn what boards really want and need to know about cybersecurity. Understand how to communicate effectively with the board, what needs to be measured, how to leverage evidence, and what they care about as it relates to business risk. 


Locknote: Community: The Common Unity of Infosec