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BSides Newcastle
#Possibly the Weirdest BSides Ever...#
Time 10:00 - 18:00 
Date 23rd November 2019 
Located at Dynamix Indoor Skatepark  
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About Us
The aim of BSides Newcastle is to help build the community of InfoSec in the 
North East with Talks, CTF, and a number of villages set in an indoor skate 
park: Dynamix CIC. Given the alternative venue and inclusive themes this 
should make for one to remember. All talk content is CFP driven.

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Keynotes and Talks
Two highly regarded members of the information security community are opening 
and closing proceedings, 

The opening keynote comes from 'The People Hacker' a.k.a. Jenny Radcliffe, 
Founder & Director of Human Factor Security. 
Jenny Radcliffe

The closing keynote comes from Ian Thornton-Trump, 
Head of Cyber Security at AMTrust International,
Ian Thornton-Trump

Track 1 :  'This is a Southern conference. Gateshead != Newcastle. Love, @a8n_pub (Newcastle born and bred)'

Time				Title									Presenter	
9.30am				Registration Opens				
10am				Welcome	Welcome to the Jungle						Ben Docherty	
10.15am				Opening Keynote								Jenny Radcliffe		
11am				Pigbrother: generating fake news and political propaganda with AI/ML	Mauro Caseres	
11.45am				Break									Break	
12.00pm				What's up doc(x)?							Andrea Jones 	
12.30pm				Lunch									Lunch
2pm				Lockpicking - Beyond the basics						Zeefeene				
3pm				I know what you streamed last summer					Graeme
3.30pm				Break									Break
3.45pm				Security convergence: Mind the gap! 					Gavin Saul					
4.15pm				DevSecPopOps								Dan Perry				
4.45pm				The Tale of Phineas Fisher						Jake	
5.30pm				Closing Keynote								Ian Thornton-Trump		
5.45pm				Main Track Close							@BSidesNCL Crew

7pm-9pm 			Open Skate Session & Fire Play				

Track 2 :  'The Octopigon' - 8 Security Researchers enter and they mostly stare at their phones.

Time				Title									Presenter	
11am				Welcome									Sam
11.15am				A Look At File Representation Reduction Techniques			Jon
11.30am				How I hacked your Granny						James Burns
11.45am				Break									Break
12.00pm				The OpenJDK JVM : Securing a moving target 				Andrew Dinn
12.30pm				Lunch									Lunch
2pm				Mental Health in Infosec 						Callum + Lizzy
2.30pm				The F**k it approach 							Ben Docherty					
3pm				Destination: Infosec. Route: Non-standard.				Sam
3.30pm				Break									Break
3.45pm				Beer Con One #BC1							The Beer Farmers
4.15pm				Homebrew to Cyberpunk							Rick Trotter
4.30pm				Dental Health in Tech							James Ogden 
4.45pm				Taking off the Massc: Giving Masscan a face				Shadow
5.15pm				Track Close								Sam
Code Of Conduct
Wheaton's Law "Don't Be A Dick" 
No "-isms"! we're a global community and have no need for that.
Community health above all else. 
Crew Elders decision is final. 

Current confirmed villages below 

Mental Health Village 
Somewhere quiet and warm to have a think and a chill,
stress toys and art supplies plentiful.
Brought to you by Dizzy Lizzy and Mental Health Hackers,

CTF Village 
Currently 3 CTFs with a leader board and a hoodie / a few Ts at stake 
Can you take our crown?
With contributions from Andreas Finstad @4nqr34z, theart42 @theart42, 
mRr3b00t @UK_Daniel_Card and pwnDefend @pwnDefend

LockPicking Village 
Wanna learn a new skill or brush up on old skills? We have locks!
Brought to you by Moon on a Stick LP&CBC Emporium@MoononaStickLP

Recruitment / Development Village 
Meet recrutment and development partners to further your Cyber /
IT career 

Contact Us
Twitter @BSidesNCL 
Email ben@BSidesNewcastle.org

Remaining supporter perks, tickets, and optional skateboarding sessions 
are available for purchase via Eventbrite here !!!